Top 5 best UX case studies

Well-structured UC case studies offer great help to UX professionals. It helps them with showing off their design talents in portfolio websites. Plus, it lets them communicate better with employers and designers. Here is a top 5 best UX case studies that can help you get the necessary inspiration.

What is a UX case study?

A UX case study tells you what you must know for improving the UX of your website. A UX designer will share a case study on a portfolio website as an excellent way to get hired.

It is similar to sending a resume. So, it is more than only a copy of everything you have done when creating a project. Yet, you must follow some important steps:

  • Show the most important challenges you have faced;
  • Provide a full description of your role in the project;
  • Talk about the solutions you have chosen;
  • Talk about the outcomes and the lessons you have learned.

Note that it is important to remember that UX case studies are excellent for UX design beginners. They will learn more practical design skills. Plus, they will gain the necessary experience in dealing with difficult situations.

Top 5 best UX case studies

No matter the stage you are at, this top 5 best UX case studies will offer you some inspiration.

1. Perfect Recipe – UX design for cooking and shopping

This is a great mobile application that you must have a look at. It enables users to search for all sorts of food recipes and buy everything they need for the recipes. This case study shows that the entire UX design process is a simple one.

Various aspects of this process are being included. Plus, there are also some inspirational ideas. These ideas include some challenges and solutions, product personalization, and animated interactions.

2. Splitwiser – UI/UX case redesign

This concept of the mobile app enables you to track and split expenses with your friends. The Splitwiser offers the designer’s insights into key design decisions. Everything is being explained with intuitive images.

3. – UX & visual improvements

This health website app is perfect for maintaining mental health with meditations. The case study is a real help for those who want to create a user-friendly mobile app. Its main focus is on the improvements to the UX.

4. Talent Envoy – improving the recruitment process

This wonderful job assistant will help you find your ideal job. It points out the main challenges faced by job seekers. Plus, it tells you the details of how designers optimize the recruitment process.

In fact, you will find some useful information in many aspects. You will learn about the main page design, the UI flowchart design, and more. We love the super clear explanations.

5. GnO Well Being – Branding, Web Designing & UX

This creative illustration site shows and sells a weighted designer blanket. This blanket helps you have a great night’s sleep for better overall health. We believe that this is more than an excellent UX case study.

It offers you several key design issues, such as website pages, logo, interactions, and more. You will find some creative ideas that will help you with your projects.

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